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Chesapeake Massage Complements
Chiropractic Care for Natural Pain Management

Has chronic neck and low back pain left you feeling overwhelmed? Are you struggling with aching or sore muscles following a personal injury? Chesapeake massage therapy at Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation can help ease your pain and naturally bring movement back to your body. Our chiropractor frequently recommends massage treatments in addition to chiropractic care to manage neck and back pain, migraines, headaches, personal injuries and more. Benefits include increased blood circulation, reduced swelling, and relaxed muscles - without the need for prescription painkillers.

Chesapeake Massage Helps Patients Rehabilitate

Massage therapy is a natural, conservative treatment that promotes internal healing and releases tension trapped in the muscles. The act of massaging the body enhances blood flow, Chesapeake massage therapy for rehabilitation in 23320 areabringing fresh, oxygenated blood to the muscles and flushing out toxins and lactic acid. Increased oxygen flow helps to reduce spasms and cramping in the muscle tissue. At the same time, massage lowers blood pressure and decreases heart rate, helping to relax both the body and mind.

Studies consistently show that high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, negatively impact the body and can impede healing by increasing chronic inflammation. Massaging the body keeps cortisol levels in check while increasing endorphin levels, Mother Nature's 'feel-good' hormone, which naturally enhances well-being. Our patients report sleeping better at night, improved concentration, decreased anxiety and reduced fatigue.

In addition these important physiological benefits, massage treatments can help sore, stiff or aching muscles feel good, too. The act of kneading soft tissue reduces pent-up tension in the muscle. Massaging sore tissue also helps restore a full range of movement and flexibility to the body. This is especially important in injury rehabilitation. Immobilizing a sore body part will only increase stiffness - making it increasingly painful to move. By aiding in recovering a full range of motion, massage also helps to protect the body from future injuries.

Whether it's a pinched nerve, migraines or low back pain, our chiropractic team recognizes that every patient faces individual wellness needs. That's why we use a combination of treatments, including chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitation exercises to manage pain and help your body heal. We find that these techniques, when combined with massage treatments, produce the most ideal outcomes for our patients, speeding healing and enhancing overall wellness. Our certified massage therapist works closely with our Chesapeake massage therapy benefits all types of patientschiropractors to create a personalized plan that complements your adjustments.

Our chiropractor is full experienced adjusting women during pregnancy to ease pain. Pregnancy massage is a natural complement to these adjustments. Our massage therapist can help ease pelvic pain and lower back pain while preparing the body's muscles for a natural birth.

Our 23320 chiropractic clinic is located in the heart of Chesapeake, and we're proud to serve the Greenbrier, Great Bridge and Hickory communities. Our mission is to naturally manage pain and help patients get healthy for life. Massage is an important part of whole body wellness; schedule your appointment today and experience the difference our treatments can make!

Call us at 757.547.4325 today to find out more about massage.