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Common Sports Injuries Treated by Our Chiropractor in Chesapeake, VA

Being active is fun and generally healthy, but certain sports are also known for having a high chance of causing injuries. Sports injuries typically result from making sharp moves while running, but they can also be caused by sudden impacts or even repetitive motions. Here are some of the common types that arise in both professional and amateur games:

baseball player with a knee injury in Chesapeake.

Knee Injuries

Football is so well-known for causing knee injuries that it has become a trope. The sudden changes in direction that are made while trying to avoid a tackle put plenty of strain on the knee, and many people – at all levels of skill – end up with pain in this joint after a single wrong move. That said, football isn't the only culprit. "Blown" knees are also common in baseball, basketball, and soccer.

Chiropractors like Dr. Santjer of Atlantic Chiropractic & Rehab can do much to help you avoid or postpone knee surgery. Their ability to manipulate bones into better positions is key. Therapeutic massage is also offered by the clinic to further reduce pain and improve mobility.

Back Problems

A sport doesn't have to be particularly active to cause back problems over time. Golf, for example, involves twisting at the waist, shoulders, and other places in order to perform long drives. This often results in back and shoulder problems as stresses are repetitively placed on the same parts of the body.

Impact sports are also bad for the back. Being tackled in football involves concentrated force, and if you get hit in the back in the process, your vertebrae can be knocked out of alignment or your discs ruptured.

In both cases, your chiropractor in Chesapeake VA will use spinal manipulation to return your back to its proper alignment. This will do much to reduce pain. Physical therapy may also be recommended in order to strengthen your back so it is less prone to injury in the future.

Shoulder Pain

This is another problem that's common to both impact sports and golf. With golf, one of the keys to prevention is to use good form. Otherwise, excessive wear can be put on the joint and cause inflammation.

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Shoulder damage is harder to avoid in sports like football and baseball. In these sports, it's common to shoulder through the opposition, end up on your shoulder after a slide or fall, and otherwise be exposed to a force that directly impacts this part. It's a good idea to set up regular sessions with your chiropractor to keep everything in order, especially if you're a frequent player.

If you've suffered sports injuries or would like help preventing them, just contact us here at Atlantic Chiropractic & Rehab. Our telephone number is (757) 547-4325, and we'll be glad to help.

Sports Injury Treatment FAQ

When you are looking for comprehensive sports injury treatment in Chesapeake, you can expect our chiropractor, Dr. Santjer, to perform a complete examination that may include x-rays and to develop a customized treatment approach that works for you. We will also answer all of your sports injury questions.

What sports injuries need treatment in Chesapeake, VA?

If you have a sports injury or are experiencing pain or loss of range of motion in your back, neck or extremities, you probably need sports injury treatment in Chesapeake, VA. We offer treatments for sprains and strains, tendinitis, runner’s knee, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries and shin splints as well as other common sports injuries.

What chiropractic treatments do you offer at Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

Here at Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we offer a wide range of conservative care treatments. Chiropractic adjustments help align your joints, reduce inflammation and maximize the range of motion of the joint, and we offer manual and pro-adjuster adjustments. Massage therapy helps relax stiff, tight muscles while promoting circulation, which can reduce pain and recovery time.

Nutritional counseling can help ensure that your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to heal your body, and physical therapy can help you regain range of motion, strength, and flexibility so that you can make a complete recovery.

What can I expect when I come in to have my sports injury evaluated?

When you visit us for an appointment, you can expect our Dr. Santjer to listen to your symptoms and concerns and to perform a complete physical evaluation. In some instances, we may need to take digital images in order to get a clear picture of your injury and make a complete diagnosis. Once we understand the scope of your injury and your health goals, we will create a comprehensive treatment program to alleviate your symptoms, help you heal and facilitate your long-term health and wellness.

How many treatments will I need before I am healed?

You may start to feel better after your first treatment, but in general, it will take several weeks of treatments before you notice a significant reduction in your symptoms. Dr. Santjer will give you an overview of your treatment program and make adjustments as you heal.

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