Lower Back Pain

The lumbar spine in the lower back makes it possible to bend, twist, sit, and flex. However, its flexibility makes lower back injury and pain a common condition that affects many people. Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Chesapeake offers chiropractic adjustments and other forms of chiropractic care to treat and improve lower back pain. No medications or surgical procedures are involved. Just natural, non-invasive therapies designed to provide long-term pain relief.

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Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

The spine or backbone consists of intervertebral discs, tiny bones or vertebrae, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A bundle of nerves also runs through the spinal column. Bones, joints, or discs may shift out of alignment or soft tissue can get injured, worn, irritated, or inflamed and result in pain due to the following:

    • A fall or vehicular accident
    • Sport injury
    • Poor posture, e.g., slouching
    • Improper lifting technique 
    • Repetitive use of the lower back
    • Herniated or bulging discs
    • Lumbar nerve root compression
    • Degenerative disc disease
    • Medical conditions, e.g., sciatica, scoliosis, or osteoarthritis 

Typical Low Back Pain Symptoms

Pain could be acute or chronic, sharp and stabbing, or dull and aching. It may range in severity from mild to severe and could come and go or persist without relief. Pain may radiate to the buttocks, legs, or feet and be accompanied by numbness, tingling, or weakness.

Low Back Pain Diagnosis

A physical examination and various diagnostic tests are performed by our chiropractor to make a diagnosis. Imaging tests such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs are especially useful for examining the spine and musculoskeletal structures to determine what's causing pain. 

How Our Chiropractor Will Treat Your Lower Back Pain

With the aim of providing integrative low back pain treatment, our chiropractor, Dr. Eric Santjer, may recommend manual or instrument-based adjustments, massage therapy, or rehabilitation care.

  • Spinal adjustment: This technique is used to pull the vertebrae or bulging discs back into proper alignment and relieve nerve compression. Blood, oxygen, and nutrient flow are restored to the spine and cells and help promote healing of worn or injured musculoskeletal parts.
  • Chiropractic therapies: Massage therapy, physical therapy, and corrective exercises are also offered as part of a comprehensive wellness program. Massage and exercise relax and strengthen muscles to help reduce the risk of re-injury. 

Schedule an appointment for chiropractic care in Chesapeake 

Early treatment for low back pain can prevent it from becoming debilitating. Dr. Eric Santjer of Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, in Chesapeake, has years of training and expertise in chiropractic care. He will customize a treatment plan aimed at providing optimum care and sustained relief. You may receive nutrition counseling and lifestyle advice to help maintain back health. Call (757) 547-4325 to book an appointment today. 


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I love coming here! They offer great chiropractics and massage therapy. I always leave feeling better. Dr.Santer and the team are always so welcoming and make me feel like we have been friends for years. You truly feel they care about you. It is easy to set up and appointment and they are very understanding when something comes up. I like the office and staff so much and think they do such an amazing job! I tell all my friends and family about it. Thank you everyone for all you do!!!"
    Dominique C., Chesapeake, VA
  • ""I first came to Atlantic Chiropractic 5 years ago with a pinched nerve in my neck. I was in so much pain, I could not even move my head. Dr. Eric diagnosed the problem almost immediately and confirmed it with the EMG. He set up a treatment plan and told me I probably would not feel significant relief for a good two weeks. I appreciated his thoroughness, expertise, and honesty. As it turned out, I was actually pain free in one week! I always refer my friends to Dr. Eric/Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation for the most trusted effective chiropractic care.""
    Michelle G., Chesapeake, VA