Plantar Fasciitis FAQ

Plantar Fasciitis FAQs in Chesapeake, VA

Plantar Fasciitis

Does your day always seem to begin with aching feet, even though you've just given them a full night's rest? If so, you may be suffering from an uncomfortable complaint called plantar fasciitis. But what causes this problem, and what can you do to rid yourself of it? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about plantar fasciitis in Chesapeake.

  • What does "plantar fasciitis" refer to? This term describes an inflammation of a band of connective tissue known as the plantar fascia. This connective tissue extends from the front half of the foot to the heel bone to help your arches maintain their curvature as they support the weight of your body.
  • What form does this inflammation take? Repetitive stress on the plantar fascia causes micro-tears to form so quickly that the body cannot heal them all, leaving you with chronic inflammation.
  • How can I tell I have plantar fasciitis? The hallmark of plantar fasciitis is heel pain that is at its worst when you stand and walk after a long period of sitting or lying down, partly subsiding as the tissues "warm up." It may also flare up following exercise.
  • Who is at risk for plantar fasciitis? People with abnormally high or low arches are vulnerable to plantar fasciitis, as are those who feet tend to roll inward when walking. Anyone who must spend long hours on their feet may experience plantar fasciitis, especially if they're wearing shoes that throw your body off balance or provide inadequate arch support. Age and obesity can also also raise your risk for this disorder.
  • How does your Chesapeake chiropractor find the cause of my plantar fasciitis? Our Chesapeake chiropractor, Dr. Santjer, performs a detailed spinal evaluation to see whether musculoskeletal imbalances are causing or contributing to your plantar fasciitis. An examination of the feet themselves will reveal any arch abnormalities. analysis of your stance and gait can show us whether your foot position is a factor.
  • How can chiropractic adjustment relieve my symptoms? If your body is out of alignment, chiropractic adjustments can return it to more normal posture and balance. This can take unnatural stresses and strains off of your feet so your plantar fasciitis can heal -- while also helping to prevent recurrences.
  • What other treatment methods does your chiropractic clinic offer for plantar fasciitis? We can provide immediate, drug-free pain management by prescribing a combination of rest, elevation and gentle therapeutic stretching/strengthening exercises. We may also recommend orthotic footwear to compensate for arch abnormalities so your feet are better supported, while guiding you toward the correct type of footwear and lifestyle adjustments for maintaining healthier, happier feet.

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