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Chesapeake Nutrition Plans for Optimum Health

Chesapeake nutrition plans for managing migraine headachesYour body is an amazing machine, and at Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, we offer services to keep that machine functioning at optimum levels. Our diverse practice goes far beyond pain relief. Services from our chiropractors Dr. Eric Santjer include one of the most vital, yet sometimes overlooked, for keeping your body functioning at its highest level: nutritional counseling. The foods you eat play a huge part in how your body functions, feels and heals. Our Chesapeake nutrition plans ensure your body is receiving the fuel it requires.

Migraine Headaches, Fatigue and Allergies
Caused by Poor Nutrition

Our chiropractor's first step with nutritional counseling is evaluating your current state of health and current diet to help determine if any ailments are being caused by improper nutrition. Specific foods, for example, may trigger a migraine headache in certain individuals. These may include excessive caffeine and alcohol or particular processed food items and those containing large amounts of salt or any amounts of monosodium glutamate, or MSG. Fatigue may also come from poor food choices, such as too much of a certain food group or not enough of another. Some individuals may also suffer from allergic reactions or intolerance to specific foods, a condition that can result in itchiness, swollen lips and mouth, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Existing health conditions also play a role in the types of foods your body needs. If you suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesterol, for instance, foods that are high in salt, cholesterol and saturated fat should be Chesapeake nutrition counseling at Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitationavoided. Your age, fitness level and lifestyle are other considerations, as are your particular food likes and dislikes. Once our chiropractor is armed with the facts, we can go about setting up a Chesapeake nutrition plan that is not only healthy but simple to follow. Our goal is to create an eating plan that will fuel your body with the proper nutrients it needs while providing the types of foods you enjoy and want to eat.

The basics of a well-rounded eating plan typically include an array of food from the various food groups. Our chiropractor often suggests diets that are rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and even a modicum of healthy fats. Sometimes, however, eating the proper foods is not enough to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs, it which case we can provide suggestions on helpful vitamin, mineral and other supplements that do. Women over age 50, for example, may benefit from taking calcium supplements to reach the elevated level of calcium their bodies require.

Your overall health and wellness is our primary concern, which is why our Chesapeake chiropractors offer such a diverse range of chiropractic services. Each service can have an essential role in keeping that amazing machine, your body, performing at its peak.

If you are interested in a custom nutrition plan, call us at 757.547.4325.